Paris, France

Issey Miyake 'A Sense of Joy'

Spring / Summer 2020

Style - 23.01.2020

Mirth and movement in ‘A Sense of Joy,’ Issey Miyake’s statement for Paris Fashion Week.

Issey Miyake’s new head designer, Satoshi Kondo, in grand style presented ‘A Sense of Joy,’ the Japanese brand’s spring/summer collection and spectacle, at Paris Fashion Week. It was held on 27 September 2019 at the Cent Quatre art and cultural center, in the 19th arrondisement of the French capital.

Directed by Daniel Ezralow, the show is a modern iteration of the cheer that people find in clothes and dressing up. Through motion Kondo delves into the relationship between the human body and garments.

The traditional runway format of fashion shows gives way to a non-conventional one that uses all the space there is for a parade of choreographies emphasizing movement.

Divided into chapters, it begins with get-ups of grayish tones, and progressively becomes more colorful. Eventually a musical number brings in models garbed in outfits made of parachute material, and they are followed by others riding skateboards all over. The fabric participates in the dance by billowing as it catches air, increasing the sense of lightness and fluidness through motion. Another musical interlude starts the show’s highlight, where some rings descend from the ceiling over the models and morph into summery dresses of brighter colors, in a faster and happier dance. In the finale, some dancers precede the progressive entrance of the rest of the models, who gather in a circle to bid farewell to the audience before being relieved by the designer himself.

Kondo, who previously worked on other Miyake collections, brings a breath of fresh air into the female wardrobe in his debut as a designer of women’s apparel.