OMA*AMO for Prada

Style - 08.05.2020

OMA*AMO for Prada AMO

Envisaged as true architectural projects, the runway show designs developed by AMO permit a high level of creative experimentation that resonates with Prada’s innovative character. Since their first collaboration in 2004, every year AMO – the research and design branch of OMA, the office founded by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas – designs the sets for the runway shows of the Milanese luxury fashion house Prada. Proposing issues like the relationship of spectators with fashion, the hierarchy of the industry, or the use of performative spaces, AMO’s projects transform industrial facilities like those in the group’s headquarters on Via Fogazzaro or those of Fondazione Prada – built by OMA in 2015 in an old distillery – into dazzling stages, turning the fashion shows into true sensory experiences protagonized by fashion and architecture alike. The design of the settings is not necessarily related with the collection presented, but seeks challenging the established conventions, placing the audience in an unexpected place or reinventing the way of walking down the runway. Through resources like lighting, materiality, or color, the catwalks evoke theate

Growing Landscapes

Style - 16.01.2020

Growing Landscapes

Zap Buj

An experimental proposal fusing fashion, architecture, and technology Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid's EGO catwalk. The young practice Zap&Buj works at the cross of architecture, fashion, and technology by experimenting with new materials and the digital tools that make it possible.Graduates of the Madrid School of Architecture (UPM-ETSAM), Elena Zapico and Raquel Buj have managed to apply technical and artistic knowledge coming from the engineering branch to give shape to suits and textures that surround the body while engaging it with the environment. They uphold fashion as an expression of principles beyond aesthetics, as something that can connect people to their surroundings and situations, improving life in the process.Through the concept of skin and envelope, the 'Growing Landscape' collection – the firm's second, presented on the EGO catwalk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid – proposes a uniting of landscape and clothing. With tools like laser cutters and 3D printers heat is applied on shape memory materials like polymers and alloys of nickel and titanium, enabli

SELO Store

Style - 25.11.2019

SELO Store

MNMA Studio

In undertaking the restoration project for the Selo brand of handmade shoes, MNMA studio was inspired to create a brief escapism atmosphere at their Brazilian store. To effect a contrast with the chaos of the city of São Paulo, the architects decided on a simple, clear-cut facade: pigmented cement slates and frameless glass reflect the urbanity while achieving some lightness. The studio’s method of developing ideas from outside inward, combined with the pursuit of fluid circulation, led to the final layout, with the sidewalk alignment as a continuum offering access to all. Inside, the atrium was remodeled to create a round skylight framing the sky. The purpose here was not only illumination, but also playful contact with nature, the weather, and the passage of time, besides some human-scale perspective, a reminder that we share the same sky. Inspiration came from some creations of the artist James Turrell, who is celebrated in this project. The toilet sink is another work of artisanship. It involved ‘curving’ a limestone and applying flames to it in order to come up with a very unique rough texture. The occasion

Milan Design Week SPECIAL

Style - 08.04.2017

Milan Design Week SPECIAL The best of 2017

We visit the best designs of this last edition of Milan Design Week 2017. More than 15 projects of the most famous designers and architects.  Of the hundreds of installations put up at Fuori Salone during Milan Design Week, we mention the most prominent, among them the Nendo exhibition, SO-IL’s pavilion for MINI, Studio Swine’s bubbles for COS, the LAUFEN exhibition: Milestones, Dektonclay, Apparatu’s project for Cosentino, the white cubes by Chipperfield, Zaha Hadid, Aires Mateus, and others for OIKOS, Zaha Hadid’s installation for Samsung, Daniel Germani’s cabinet made of DEKTON, Formafantasma’s delicate lamps for FLOS.