Bureau Betak

Style - 04.07.2018

Bureau Betak Fashion Show Revolution

Alexandre de Betak (Paris, 1968) has worked for years turning the most prominent runways and fashion shows into spectacular scenographies that bring together originality and technical skill With offices in New York, Paris, and Shanghai, Bureau Betak has developed its aesthetic around the design and production of fashion shows for the most prestigious international firms (Christian Dior, Tiffany & Co., John Galliano, Hussein Chalayan, Victoria´s Secret, to name just a few). Its set designs, always original, research into all the fields of creation, from pure craftsmanship to high technology, and from the most artificial making to the most natural. The Bureau´s projects are based on four elements. The first would be the venue (working in mythical places like the Louvre in Paris, the Forbidden City in Beijing, or Moscow´s Red Square), which gives the story a narrative thread. Next, the mise-en-scène or set seeks creating something new, be it architectural, dystopian, or fantastic. This is where perfection and technical display are made visible. Light, Alexandre de Betak´s obsession since he was a child, would be the third element, which brings credibility

TOP 5: Milan Design Week

Style - 08.04.2017

TOP 5: Milan Design Week

Our five favorite installations

Milan Design Week collects the best designs over the world in hundreds of installations scattered around the city. Magaceen's team selects those which, in their opinion, are the most relevant. The Nendo exhibition, featuring over 16 projects, deserves first place on our list. A succession f brilliant, inspiring projects, each different and original, thrills the viewer. COS stands out anew – if last year with the architect Sujimoto, this time with Studio Swine and its installation of perfumed bubbles. In third place, the MINI brand of vehicles alludes to its name through designs of minimal living spaces by the architects of SO-IL. Immediately after that we wish to draw attention to a Spanish talent on the rise, Xavier Mañosa of Apparatu, who in collaboration with the Almería trademark COSENTINO has been studying the properties of a material which all we knew about until now were its ultrapressed panels. Finally, the exciting lamps of Formafantasma, manufactured for the first time for the brand FLOS, which is indispensable in the fair, more so with lighting as protagonist.


Style - 05.04.2017


Milan Design Week 2017

Munich/Milan. MINI has teamed up with New York architects SO-IL to unveil the installation MINI LIVING – Breathe at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan MINI LIVING – Breathe is a forward-looking interpretation of resource-conscious urban living within a minimal physical footprint. The installation calls into question conventional living concepts and demonstrates how architecture can react creatively to future challenges presented by ever-shrinking living spaces and limited resources in urban areas.In keeping with MINI’s adherence to the principles “Creative use of space” and “Minimal footprint”, the installation conjures attractive living spaces for up to three people within an area just five metres wide and ten metres tall. The concept views the home as an active ecosystem which can make a positive contribution to its environment – expressed here through intelligent use of resources essential to life, e.g. air, water and light. The transparent, flexible outer skin filters the air and floods the installation with natural light to ensure a bright and pleasant ambience inside. Plus, a roof garden stocked with

Style - 02.04.2017

Nendo: Jellyfish Vase Milan Design Week 2017

30 vases of ultrathin silicon float in an aquarium filled with water. The strength and direction of the water's current is carefully adjusted so that they onduluate as if they were jellyfish. Vases that float like jellyfish in the water. 30 vases of various sizes are placed in a 1800 mm aquarium filled with water and the strength and direction of the water’s current is carefully adjusted so that they undulate moderately. The vases are made out of ultrathin transparent silicon that has been dyed twice to give the impression that what is floating in the water is but a gradated silhouette of colours. The design was to redefine the conventional roles of flower, water, and vase by making the water inconspicuous, with an ensemble of both flowers and vases floating inside the filled water, as opposed to simply showing off flowers in a water-filled vase.