Photos: Pep Sau 

Bordeaux, France

Light Walls


Interior - 25.05.2020

A sequence of glazed courtyards renovate the spaces of an old industrial building.

Located in the city of Bordeaux, the project renovates an old warehouse with vaulted spaces that were once cellars for storing fish and supplies. The intervention seeks to reactivate the area by making the most of its central location and the existence of a cozy garden adjacent 
to the property. The construction is reconverted into a mixed-use building that includes an exhibition gallery, a workshop, and the home of one of the studio’s members. The separation of public and private defines the intervention, organizing the uses vertically and dividing the space transversally. 
The basement storage spaces are transformed into exhibition halls, the street level houses the architecture studio, and the upper floor, with a characteristic sloping wooden ceiling, contains the dwelling spaces. The roof, fragmented by skylights and courtyards, creates a series of transversal bands that organize the different uses and circulation elements. These layers of glass create an ethereal image that blurs the limits between 
rooms. In the last one of these, which combines the main exhibition hall and a large library, the height of the slabs varies so that they are in greater continuity with the other rooms. 

Light enters the building through a series of glazed courtyards, and becomes a key element in the renewal of this old warehouse that now contains a residence, an architecture studio, and a public exhibition gallery.