Light Walls

Interior - 25.05.2020

Light Walls RCR

A sequence of glazed courtyards renovate the spaces of an old industrial building. Located in the city of Bordeaux, the project renovates an old warehouse with vaulted spaces that were once cellars for storing fish and supplies. The intervention seeks to reactivate the area by making the most of its central location and the existence of a cozy garden adjacent to the property. The construction is reconverted into a mixed-use building that includes an exhibition gallery, a workshop, and the home of one of the studio’s members. The separation of public and private defines the intervention, organizing the uses vertically and dividing the space transversally. The basement storage spaces are transformed into exhibition halls, the street level houses the architecture studio, and the upper floor, with a characteristic sloping wooden ceiling, contains the dwelling spaces. The roof, fragmented by skylights and courtyards, creates a series of transversal bands that organize the different uses and circulation elements. These layers of glass create an ethereal image that blur

Acolá Store

Interior - 10.02.2020

Acolá Store

VÃO Arquitetura

Vão Arquitetura created a space that brings out the essence of Acolá products by means of light and natural materials. Acolá Store came about from renovating a hair salon in the Pinheiros neighborhood. The small townhouse, with its floor plan tapering towards the rear, was dark and damp inside. The first design decisions hence included replacing part of the roof and part of the upper-story slab with glass. This brought light and air into all three levels of the building.On the outside, the concrete of the original construction was maintained, while the brickwork of the facade was removed, making room for two ground-level windows. These are separated from the entrance by two metal pillars. A canopy over the windows protects them from direct sunlight and gives shelter. There are plans to add a bench and bicycle parking stand, and to revamp the sidewalk altogether.Inside, the old layout gave way to diaphanous spaces, capitalizing on the increased input of daylight. Two zones are marked out. The front part contains the actual boutique at street level and an office above. Behind are the wet areas: sanitary

Mirror Garden

Interior - 27.01.2020

Mirror Garden


Archstudio connects interior and exterior through a play of reflections and yards in Mirror Garden, where architecture becomes landscaping. Archstudio has designed a store with the idea of accommodating various activities through different spaces: sales, exhibitions, lounging, and dining. This is within an old edifice located in one of Beijing’s historical hutong neighborhoods. To adapt to other buildings in the vicinity, it replaces its original, flat roof with a pitched structure.The key concept is to build indoor-outdoor connections by positioning mirrors in such a way that they reflect the yards, creating an infinite field of vision and transforming the architecture into a large ‘garden.’ Three yards are formed for natural light to shine in through, and the green zones are connected to the interiors.The street-level main entrance leads to a space where exhibition zones alternate with areas where furniture and other products are sold. Most of the walls and the ceiling are coated with mirrors that blur the barriers between what’s real and what’s reflected: furniture pieces, people, objects, plants.


Interior - 25.07.2019

Dánae P-M-A-A

The Catalonian firm P-M-A-A has turned a conventionally distributed apartment over a garage, in San Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona), into a house between party walls. After several renovations, the rear facade had been bricked up, so daylight only came in through the front. As the new project’s main objective was a brightly lit home, this was rectified. Inside, a false ceiling was eliminated, and the space below the roof that it hid was turned into a mezzanine floor, reached by means of a tier of benches rising from the ground level. The most distinctive part of the dwelling is perhaps the pink bathroom, with its shower-cum-skylight. This bathroom is at the center of the floor plan and serves to connect three spaces that have no specified function, but can each be used for sleeping, lounging, or working, as the user wishes or needs. Another source of natural light is the terrace, which had been reduced to a small patio. Behind the main volume now is a large terrace with a flowerbed and a room on the other side that work as visual and climate filters, and a fountain at center to cool the place in summer.