Madrid Design Festival 2020

Innovation - 23.03.2020

Madrid Design Festival 2020 Cosentino City Madrid

MDF2020 Madrid Design Festival is an event that makes Madrid the world’s design capital every February. Different artistic fields mix to create a contemporary, innovative format attractive to both local and international audiences.In line with the festival program, several activities were planned for Cosentino City Madrid: Ron Arad This a prestigious Israeli designer and architect devoted to creative innovation carries out few architectural projects, but when he chooses to execute one, he puts his whole heart into it, as in his latest work, completed in 2019: the ToHa in Tel Aviv. Here he limited the built area to street level, creating a large park that does much to improve the civic quality of the place. The building uses more than 28,000 m2 of Dekton® by Cosentino for the cladding of facades, elevators, floors, ceilings, and interior partitions, and Arad came to the Spanish capital to speak on the project and give a run-through of his professional career.For mor

The Earth in Perspective

Innovation - 14.11.2018

The Earth in Perspective


Taken from a distance of 450 km above ground, these photographs show cities’ impact on the territory in places like Doha’s artificial islands, the development around Bilbao’s estuary, and Riyadh’s built desert. Since 1968, when the crew of Apollo 8 took the mythical image of Earth from outer space, many zenithal photos of our planet have been taken from satellites, with evident applications for fields like agriculture, the environment, or mapmaking. The firm Planet, set up by former NASA employees, advances in this direction by turning the lenses of their cameras to an angle between 45º and 60º, in such a way that the Earth’s surface appears three-dimensional. The effect obtained with this simple innovation simulates the oblique view one would have from an airplane window.A constellation of over 175 satellites monitors the planet day by day, coursing the lunar orbit every 90 minutes. Measuring less than a meter and with a useful life of six years, the satellites are designed and made by the same enterprise that launches a new one every three months. The system allows sending information every day to thirty land-based stations, located at different points of the globe, where it is processed, fil


Innovation - 09.05.2018


MINI and Studiomama

MINI LIVING and the London firm Studiomama show how to turn abandoned spaces into potential livable ones. The installation BUILT BY ALL concentrated four inhabitable cells in less than 20 square meters, designing them under the MINI principle, a creative use of space where footprint is minimized and flexibility maximized. The project arose in response to the limitations on access to housing adapted to current needs of society, including people’s desire to make dwellings their own through active participation in the design process and subsequent changes. In Shanghai now, on a larger scale, there is a project for a complex of over 50 apartments and communal facilities organized around the same revolutionary concept of habitation. FACTORY OF IDEAS comes in the context of Milan Design Week to promote participatory architecture among visitors, who set out to make small models of their own versions of flexible, collaborative spaces.

Cloud Forest

Innovation - 23.10.2017

Cloud Forest WilkinsonEyre

An artificial ecosystem thanks to technology and nature working side by side. The British firm WilkinsonEyre has carried out one of the most ambitious environmental projects in the world: Cloud Forest in Bay South Garden of Gardens by the Bay, in Singapore. These climate-controlled spaces bring a slice of the Mediterranean to the tropics. Two structures of steel and glass contain a series of water masses in constant motion that generate the specific temperature and humidity conditions for these plants to thrive in. Beside this confined nature are aerial structures that bring visitors to the tops of the vertical gardens. The main objective was zero consumption in a project where energy use seems inevitable.