Tel Aviv


Ron Arad & Avner Yashar

Dekton - 07.05.2019

The TOHA building in Tel Aviv, Israel, is lined with over 28,000 m2 of Dekton® by Cosentino, spread over the facade, the pavement, the elevators, the ceilings and the interior divisions.

In the centre of Tel Aviv, the ToHA building was designed by Ron Arad with the local team of Avner Yashar. The ToHa building offers a unique office complex fit out with a public garden, an observation deck, and a restaurant. More than 28,000 square meters of Dekton® by Cosentino clad the ensemble, and appear on the ventilated facades, flooring, elevators, ceilings, and the interior partitions. The Dekton pieces, of 10.000 different dimensions and types, were produced and cut at the Cosentino headquarters in Spain, and then transported by sea to Israel. 

One of the main strategies in the design of the project was that of reducing the built area at street level to create a large park with the idea of giving the surroundings a public character. The building emerges, therefore, atop two large legs that widen gradually and create a twisting volume. Because of its geometric versatility, Dekton manages to adapt with precision to this formal complexity thanks to its endless range of formats, with minimum thicknesses and maximum areas.